2nd - Parent Tea

3rd - CEHS graduation

8th - Year End Awards 6th @ 8:30, 1st @ 9:15, 2nd @ 9:45

9th - Year End Awards 5th @ 8:30, 3rd @ 9:15, 4th @ 9:45.

10th - Olympic Day

11th - 6th grade completion 9:00, classroom parties 2:30

12th - Last Day of School





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To Parents/Guardians of Oraze Elementary School,       

Your child is attending a school receiving Title I federal funds through the No Child Left Behind Act (in English, referred to as NCLB). This Federal law requires that parents be notified of their right to know the professional qualifications of their child's teacher(s) in core academic subject areas, including the following:

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Math Facts 60 plus 100addition 100subtraction 100subtraction 90division

New Dress Code Ruling:

On January 15 the Clovis Unified Governing Board accepted the recommendation of student members of the Inter School Council and the administration to end its seasonal restriction on the wearing of shorts by students. Members of the Board, in approving this recommendation, affirmed their continued support for the safety and behavior standards set by the District’s dress code; while agreeing that the area’s mild temperatures and the existing provision for allowing shorts during portions of the school year made this slight revision sensible. All other elements of the District’s dress code remain the same. With the Board’s decision, shorts will be allowed beginning January 21st. Please view the site’s website or contact the site administration for clarification or additional information.

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Information from the Library on AR for 2014-2015

Oraze continues to be identified as a Year I PI School for the 2014-2015 school year. Once a school has been identified, the district is req uired to provide students attending this school site with the option of transferring to another school within the district that is not identified for improvement. The district must provide or pay for transportation to the new school to and from their school of residence within certainbudgetary restrictions.  When a student is transferred to another school, he/she may remain in that school through its highest grade. The district is required to provide transportation to the new school only as long as the student's original school remains in PL  The following non-Program Improvement Schools have been designated as schools of choice based on space availabil ity: #1) Jefferson, #2 Cole Elementary Schools.

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You may already be aware that as of last year California State Law requires a Tdap booster for all students entering 7th   through the 12th grades.  This law will affect all of our 6th grade students entering 7th grade this coming fall.

All 6th grade students will need proof of a Tdap BOOSTER or an immunization containing Pertussis before entering 7th grade next year.  If your last boosters were before 7 years of age, your child will probably need a booster to meet this requirement.  Tetanus boosters for an injury usually do not count. Please check your shot records or with your primary care provider for more information.  I recommend that you make an appointment ASAP with your doctor or with one of our CUSD clinics to update this important immunization.  In order to expedite your child’s registration for 7th grade next year, I encourage you to complete this requirement before the end of 6th grade.  Please submit your updated shot record to the Health Office as soon as you receive it. 


Kathleen Freeman, RN,BSN

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